Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Wedding!

So, I always love working on other people's wedding gowns...but I was plain addicted to working on my own!
Of course I chose the chiffon gown with tons of tiny little pleats through the bodice...if any of you sew, you know that chiffon is one of the most finicky fabrics out there...but it all turned out in the end...
I chose the Sottero and Midgley "Anita"...
I loved the dress, but wasn't totally sold on the belt, so that got removed and switched out for a hand-beaded, gold, lacey number that I spent about 15 hours creating, (thanks, Big Bang Theory, for keeping entertained during those long hours of beading).
After a lot of time pinning, pleating, and steaming, the top was on.
Then I slipped on some sleeves, and we're good to go...
 I love open sweetheart necklines, and I chose a looser style of sleeve, because I'm a little
attatched to my ability to move.

Pardon the plethora of wedding photos. I don't have a personal, "here's my life" blog, (although, now that I'm a married Mormon girl, I think there's a rule that I have to get one) so this is my outlet to display a few little tastes of my wedding, with the excuse of showing the alterations on my gown...
Thanks to my beautiful and crazy talented sisters Lorelle and Elise for my flowers and cake!


I loved my wedding, I loved my dress. While it's nice to have the wedding planning over, there's a part of me that's sad the planning is over. What to do with my time now? Maybe I'll grab a few of my oh-so-talented friends and open up a full service wedding salon...at least a little more sewing for sure!

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  1. Hey, Congress to you. And your dress is so pretty. And you are very lucky, because you can design your own dress. Cheers.

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