Monday, September 16, 2013

Keyhole Neckline

This dress was quite the A-line, strapless, taffeta number into a flowy, sleeved, chiffon gown. You'd never guess what this dress was capable of turning into.

I didn't get a before picture. I'm really terrible at that. But here is a catalog picture from the designer; the only difference - the one I worked with was white, and didn't have the jeweled applique.
The bride's dream dress was chiffon, but she got a taffeta one for a steal, so we basically used the original dress as framework for the final product. The first step...take off the taffeta!
We unpicked the skirt and replaced the taffeta with white chiffon (but kept the pockets), and removed all the pleated taffeta on the bodice and waistband. Let's just say that the dress looked pretty naked!
The bodice of the dress was the most time-consuming part of this dress. A lot of small pleats, pins, and a LOT of tacking. The bride also had this amazing idea to put a keyhole in the front of the neckline...gorgeous!
Who said keyholes always have to be in the back??
So after a complete deconstruction and reconstruction of this dress (and thread truly covering my apartment), here is the final product!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maggie Sottero Rhianna shoulder

Maggie's "Rhianna Royale" is one of those dresses that I saw on the hanger and thought - Oh my land...who in their right mind would put that many flowers on a dress? - and then I saw it on someone. I was wrong. The dress is stunning!

I worked with a bride several months ago who had ordered this dress and also fallen in love with a gorgeous lace, one-shoulder neckline she'd seen on Pinterest, (seriously, how did we plan weddings before that genius website came along?). So, we used some extra lace from the hem and made that dream neckline happen! I love when brides have their own unique ideas for custom touches...and this one was no exception. It made the dress totally one-of-a-kind!

So, sometimes I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures when the dresses are actually finished. Unfortunately there are lots of little yellow pins in this shot, but other than that, you can get the idea :)
Make your dress your own!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Show!

So, a little bit of a different lovely friend Melanie and I designed a funky line of formal gowns for a fashion show. So much fun. So much craziness. We would love love love to do another and whip up a few more dresses. 

These dresses were created with a little bit of everything...the fabrics came from all kinds of sundry items purchased at thrift stores (drapes, bed ruffles, lace curtains, you-name-it), belts from both Melanie and my wedding dresses were temporary components of two of the gowns, we even bought some fabrics at full price at Joann's. Truly, a little of everything...along with a lot of time and a lot of love!


...more pictures coming as soon as I get the chance!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Just have to say...

So I like to scroll through Pinterest every once in a while. I know I'm married...but, since wedding dresses are kinda my thing, I search "wedding gowns" pretty often. Sometimes I'm looking for a specific idea, or for some inspiration, but most of the time because wedding dresses are my kind of eye candy!
To get to my some of my searching, I've found some pins that just tickle me of my brides in their dresses that I've altered! I love it!

Some of the pins...

Oh, so fun!