Friday, June 8, 2012

Vintage Silk Gown

So this was a fun transformation...the bride had the vision and creativity to make it happen.

We started with the dress looking something like all its 80's glory; the big sleeves and big skirt, the V waistline, all covered in lace and abounding in plastic pearl beads...
And don't forget our favorite embellishment - a nice, big butt bow...
Silly me didn't get a picture of the dress before I started cutting and unpicking things from it (I got a little excited and had already taken the puffy sleeves off), but this picture gives you an idea of what it looked like to begin with.

Here is the dress in progress. The lace is gone, the waistline has been raised, the sleeves have been replaced, and I put rouching around the waist...

Last, we added the bride's final touches. She bought some gold/blush colored necklaces which we took apart and sewed onto the dress to give it some chunky, blingy accents, and here it is!

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